“Jumpstart MCC/NECC was pleased to host Luis and Tuesday for a special presentation of Tuesday Takes Me There! Luis and Tuesday have the ability to light up a room as soon as they arrive. Children and adults were thrilled to interact with Tuesday and see how he supports Luis with everyday tasks. Luis does a fantastic job explaining to the audience how important Tuesday is to him. The children were eager to assist with Tuesday’s demonstration. Luis is always so happy to answer all questions and sign/PAWtograph every book until he has interacted with every attendee. We love how dedicated Luis and Tuesday are to promoting early literacy and we hope to have them back soon!”

— Melissa Chandonnet, City Program & Site Manager, Jumpstart


“Simply put: Luis and Tuesday are spectacular! Jefferson Center for Mental Health held two different events featuring Captain Montalván in the past year and we were very pleased, to say the least. More importantly, Luis and Tuesday got rave reviews from our community members who attended the events and helped advance the goals of our agency.

We held a fantastic event last summer for Veterans where Luis and Tuesday connected with a group of Veterans. I was unsure if we were going to be able to top this event, but we did. On April 15th, Jefferson Center for Mental Health and the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1071 hosted an event for children with a Veteran in their lives that they care about at the Lakewood Elks Lodge #1777. Luis and Tuesday arrived early to interact with children and adults alike. The Tuesday Tucks Me In program presented disability and recovery in manner that young children could understand and was fun for all ages, especially the adults. Captain Montalván and Tuesday were so wonderful at connecting with the children.

We highly recommend Luis and Tuesday to any organization looking to create a memorable event.”

— Carl LoFaro, Manager of Veteran and Military Family Services, Jefferson Center for Mental Health


Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue was delighted to welcome Captain Luis Montalván and his beloved Tuesday as our guests of honor on April 14, 2016 at the Crystal Rose in Golden Colorado. Luis was so gracious to our 85 attendees, signing books well before and well after the event. He delighted us all with a heartwarming account of his journey with Tuesday since their pairing in 2008. Of course, in a room full of Golden Retriever lovers, Tuesday stole the show. He is a beautiful dog and they share a beautiful bond. The leadership team at GRFR gives Captain Luis our highest recommendation. We would happily have him return for another speaking engagement anytime.”

— Sandi Good, Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue, Fund Development Coordinator


“I met Captain Montalván and Tuesday at the event we hosted on February 25, 2016, at the Barshop Jewish Community Center in San Antonio. What a magical evening we had! Tuesday was ‘on point’ all night keeping us entertained while Luis kept us in tears. The whole audience was enthralled with Luis’s story and his obvious devotion to Tuesday and vice versa. We thoroughly appreciated his love for his partner in life and the doors that God has opened through Tuesday’s work in Luis’s life. God’s Dogs Rescue wants to thank Luis and Tuesday for gracing us with your story and time and look forward to working with you in the future, thank you!!!”

— Julianne Marchbanks, Founder and President, God’s Dogs Rescue, San Antonio, TX


“The Mulberry Public Library really enjoyed having Luis and Tuesday visit us. We had the pleasure of hosting both the adult program, “Until Tuesday,” and the children’s program, “Tuesday Tucks Me In.” Luis was a delightful presence at the children’s program. He entertained, educated and informed the children with a huge smile, a kind spirit and sincere joy. The kids loved him! Let’s not forget Tuesday! He was readily available for hugs and cuddles from all the kids after the program.

The adult “Until Tuesday” program was very moving, to say the least. I was very impressed at the time Luis took to engage with the guests. He was there to be a friend to those in need. His program was powerful and illuminating. Luis and Tuesday are welcome anytime at Mulberry Public Library! We can’t wait to have them back!”

— Crystal Heck, Children’s Service Librarian, Mulberry Public Library, Mulberry, FL


The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries had the honor of hosting Capt. Luis Carlos Montalván and Tuesday at two events. One event was aimed at pre-service teachers in the College of Education and Human Development. In the other event, Capt. Montalván spoke as part of a panel with UTSA’s Director of Student Disability Services and our Associate Provost for Diversity and Recruitment. In both events, Montalván was personable and honest. He gauged the audience on their familiarity with his topics and geared both of his engaging talks accordingly. Montalván’s vast knowledge on people with disabilities, veterans, PTSD, and shift from military to veteran student life were evident. At both events, students, faculty, staff, and community members all walked away with new awareness and insight.

After the events, Capt. Montalván and Tuesday greeted every single interested person with sincere warmth and genuine kindness. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the expertise that this duo brought to our campus and community; I highly recommend them for any academic setting.”

— Rachel Cannady, Scholarly Resources Librarian for Education, UTSA Libraries


“It was our pleasure having Luis and Tuesday in our store. It was good for El Paso, it was good for our employees, and just good for everyone’s soul! Their patience, understanding and spirit resonated with their following and they give hope to people who think there are situations that we cannot come back from. Stay wonderful!”

— Chris Ovalle, Community Business Development Manager, B&N – The Fountains at Farah, El Paso, TX


“From the moment Captain Luis Montalván and Tuesday entered the room we knew we were in the presence of greatness!  Every head turned and all eyes focused on the handsome duo, both of whom greeted everyone with warm smiles, handshakes and wagging tail!

Capt. Montalván’s inspirational presentation included his multiple tours abroad during his 17-year experience in the U.S. Army.  It was with great emotion he spoke of the dire effects of combat that resulted in emotional scarring and PTSD.

On a lighter note, it was the Captain’s beloved service dog, Tuesday, who really stole the show!  Trained to perform over 100 commands, it was amazing and quite entertaining to see him in action! Needless to say, the pair received a standing ovation and much applause! Most importantly, several veterans in the audience were so moved by the presentation they remained standing and received personal acknowledgement and a warm embrace from Capt. Montalván.

Luis and Tuesday remained after to personally greet all those in attendance and to autograph his award winning books, “Until Tuesday” and “Tuesday Tucks Me In,” made available for purchase by PAWS Assistance Dogs with all proceeds benefiting the organization. The demand for photographs was great and both Capt. Montalván andTuesday obliged!

What an honor it was for Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church to host Capt. Montalván along with his extraordinary service dog, Tuesday…truly a red letter day!

— Jana Kirk, VP Programs, Women of Trinity, Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church, Naples, FL


“On October 28, 2015, Captain Montalván and Tuesday were featured in our Disability Awareness Month at Ferris State University. Prior to their visit, Montalván’s book, Until Tuesday, was required reading in some of the university’s classes. Luis & Tuesday spoke passionately to a crowd of over 300 students, faculty and staff about the rights of people with disabilities. Tuesday stole the show when he demonstrated some of the tasks he performs to help Luis. There were many questions from the very interested audience.

After the presentation, Captain Montalván gave several hours of his evening to a book signing. He greeted every person with warmth and friendliness as though each one was the most important person in the world. As he and Tuesday signed books and took photographs, they engaged each and every person…

I have been coordinating Disability Awareness Month events for three years. This one was by far the most successful that we have ever had. Captain Montalván has a great story with many important things to share and Tuesday is always a hit. Yet, more than anything, I believe it is Captain Montalván’s genuine warmth and sincere interest in every person he talks with that sets him apart from other speakers.”

— Julie Alexander, Asst. Prof., Educational Counseling & Disabilities Services, Ferris State University, Michigan


“How does one describe something that is magic? I can describe what occurred, but the feeling that goes with an extraordinary event cannot be described with words, only the heart. Luis Montalván and Tuesday graciously came to a room full of incarcerated veterans — something most people won’t do…

I facilitate an incarcerated veterans group and getting speakers to come talk to veterans in prison is not an easy task. So one day in late October, in comes Captain Montalván and Tuesday. The room is full, attended by the offender veterans and some of our staff who are also veterans. Luis starts to talk about PTSD, a subject that the group is familiar with. As Luis describes how society often views PTSD, the group starts to come to life. These men, also now convicted felons, know the symptoms and prejudices associated with PTSD. I knew, as they were all seated, that they prepared to be ‘talked at’ and not “shared with.”

When Luis began to ask questions of the group, and share some of his own experiences, something magical happened. The offenders, who in the weeks prior to the event had received donated copies of ‘Until Tuesday,’ began to question Luis about service dogs, people in his book and experiences he had gone through. Luis was facing probably one of the toughest audiences he could — men, who although they’d served their country, are now societal outcasts. These men have committed crimes, and most believe that no one would care enough about them to come and truly offer help and empathy for them. Tuesday demonstrated how he helps Luis on a daily basis, and of course stole the show. By the end of the session, not one of those men left feeling they had been ‘talked at.’

The staff and the offenders felt the magic that is Luis Montalván, a man who has overcome terrible obstacles and is not afraid to show emotion and the true love he has for Tuesday. Luis is not just a hero, he is a truly compassionate man who has taken his adversity and done everything he can to help others. That quality in itself is magic, but the fact that this man lives to help others, especially other veterans, is magical. His sincerity and warmth are without question. Luis easily could have ‘talked at’ the group. What Luis did was share part of himself with the group, showed his own fears and triumphs, and created a healing session for all. Luis and Tuesday are an amazing duo, and if you ever get the chance, go and experience some of the magic for yourself.”

— Sharon Chilson, Veteran’s Group Staff Advisor, Trumbull Correctional Institute, Leavittsburg, Ohio


“How does one explain the importance of a service dog to a child? How does one explain the difference between having a pet dog and a service dog? How does one explain to a child that soldiers sometimes come home from war and need assistance/support doing daily tasks? Luis Carlos Montalván and his Service Dog, Tuesday, provide answers to these questions in their book “Tuesday Tucks Me In.”

If given the opportunity to hear Luis read the book aloud with Tuesday by his side, stop, sit down and listen! They do an amazing job of connecting with children by asking engaging questions and providing opportunities for them to share their answers and personal stories. After attentively listening to each child’s response, Luis provides positive feedback. When it is time to read the book, Luis encourages the children to follow along in their own copy while he reads from his. The children are spellbound!

At the end of the story Luis talks with the children about the importance of caring for Tuesday. He demonstrates how he brushes Tuesday’s fur, his teeth, practices commands and cleans his paws! EVERYONE loves the opportunity to see Tuesday in action! It drives home the points made in the book and in the discussion leading up to the reading of the book.

At the conclusion of the program, both children and adults are left thinking about the wonderful opportunity for an amazing bond between a human and dog, the trust we must develop in others to survive and the valuable support service dogs provide to humans.”

— Sharinda Welton, Director of Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development, The University of Findlay, Findlay, Ohio


“Luis and Tuesday presented their delightful and educational program, “Tuesday Tucks Me In,” at four of our Marin County Free Library branches. Luis kept kids of all ages engaged with an informative and entertaining history of the canine-human bond, a charming reading of “Tuesday Tucks Me In,” and a thoughtful and illuminating demonstration of how he and Tuesday take care of each other—just like in the book! Even some of us older “kids” learned some new things, too! We received a lot of positive feedback, and Luis and Tuesday graciously stayed to sign everyone’s books and greet old fans and new ones. My branch alone (the Marin City branch) had record attendance with patrons coming from all over the Bay Area. I have had the opportunity to see both the “Tuesday Tucks Me In” program and the “Until Tuesday” program. Luis and Tuesday have a vital, enlightening, and inspiring message to share about veterans, PTSD, advocacy, and awareness. I highly recommend both programs and both books.”

— Diana Lopez, Librarian, Marin County Free Library (Marin City Library), California


St. Mary’s County Library is happy that Luis and Tuesday visited our community for two programs – one for children and one for adults in September 2015. The children’s program was a great success; Luis and Tuesday kept the children engaged while reading their children’s book, ‘Tuesday Tucks Me In,” followed by a short demonstration. Audience involvement kept all ages entertained and Luis was very conscientious of all who wanted to meet them both after the program and during the book signing. The adult program was very well received. Discussion of some difficult topics was done with considerable care and in a way that the audience felt comfortable asking questions. We have had many patrons compliment us on the terrific programs – Thank you, Luis and Tuesday!”

— Laura Boonchaisri, Publicity & Outreach Coordinator, St. Mary’s County Library, Maryland


“We at Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, felt Captain Montalván and Tuesday would be a perfect fit for our annual gala event. Our guests loved having Luis and Tuesday as our guest speakers. Luis is warm, friendly and treats everyone he encounters as a new friend. Tuesday is always charming and full of personality that engages everyone he meets. For the first time, our annual event was sold out and raised the most money ever for the care of our dogs.

While Luis and Tuesday were in town, we also had the opportunity to set up a veterans program that broke new ground for many of the veterans, as they closely identified with Luis’ message and encouragement. Sunday saw a big children’s program with the reading of Tuesday Tucks Me In. It was very engaging for kids, adults and, of course, it was full of giggles and laughter as Tuesday got to show his talents.

I would highly encourage anyone to invite Luis and Tuesday to your organization. I/we very much enjoyed our new friends.”

— Kevin Shipley, Executive Director, Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, Denver, CO


“The patrons and staff of Crandall Public Library sincerely thank Luis Carlos Montalván and Tuesday for sharing their experiences and insights with us. Many of us are having ongoing discussions sparked by their presentations. All of Luis’ books are checked out from the Library, and we have several copies of each book. Many books were sold at the events — with people grateful to Luis for sharing a personal inscription on each one.

Both ‘Until Tuesday’ and ‘Tuesday Tucks Me In’ programs were very well done. Luis has a great way of relating to both children and adults. Many participants made favorable comments. One young boy joyfully announced, ‘This was the best program I ever went to!’ I think that best summarizes our experience!”

— Pamela Frazier, Head of Children’s Services, Crandall Public Library,
Glens Falls, NY


“The Children’s Discovery Museum in Augusta, Maine, loved hosting Luis Carlos Montalván and Tuesday. The discussion was appropriately geared towards our young visitors, and the duo actively and engagingly held the attention of a room full of youngsters for well over an hour. While spreading an important message, Luis and Tuesday both connected with each of our visitors on an individual level, warmly greeting everyone and allowing them to ask any questions they might have. A heartwarming story we feel grateful to have shared.”

— Lissa Niederer, Development Director, Children’s Discovery Museum,
Augusta, ME


Jumpstart MCC/NECC had the pleasure of hosting Captain Luis Carlos Montalván and Tuesday for a special Tuesday Tucks Me In event. From the second Luis and Tuesday walked into the room, everyone had a smile on their face! Families were amazed by the loyalty and hard work that Tuesday showcased. Jumpstart promotes early literacy but also the social-emotional development in children. Through this Tuesday Tucks Me In event, children were educated about the undeniable bond between service dog and veteran. Luis approaches the subject of war and mental health in a thoughtful way for children of all ages to learn.

I recently visited the venue where our event was held and a staff member asked about Luis and Tuesday. They left a lasting impression on her and she hopes we can collaborate on another event so more community members and children can witness the greatness of Luis and Tuesday!”

— Melissa Chandonnet, Site Manager at MCC/NECC Jumpstart, MA


“Both programs – Until Tuesday and Tuesday Tucks Me In – were a success at our library! Luis was friendly, welcoming, well-spoken, and knowledgeable. Tuesday was a huge hit! Many people from both programs expressed their thanks for such uplifting and informative events. It was great to see so many people excited about library programs. Attendees shared how much fun they had, plus they loved that they had a chance to speak with Luis, pet Tuesday, and have pictures taken after the programs. We even had families attend both events. Honestly, I believe the adults loved it even more than the kids!”

— Jennifer Tchida, MLS Head of Youth Services at Bartholomew County Public Library, IN


“Luis and Tuesday’s visit was a transformative experience for our college on so many levels. Our students got to hear Luis and Tuesday talk about the importance of reading, writing, and thinking habits that are sure to change our students’ lives! Administrators, faculty, staff, students, and the entire community were provoked into a new awareness of our veterans’ experiences and the true costs and responsibilities of war. Every heart in the audience was touched by their urgent message to think more deeply about the levels of support our veterans, especially our disabled veterans, are owed. After their lecture and Q&A session, Luis and Tuesday stayed for an additional two hours, chatting with the audience, signing books, and taking photos. Our campus and our community are sure to feel the lasting influence of Luis and Tuesday in our efforts to better support our veterans and create an environment of hope!”

— Dean Papas, Professional Development Coordinator, Crafton Hills College, CA


“Luis and Tuesday put on a dynamic family presentation of “Tuesday Tucks Me In” for us at Sandusky District Library. Our crowd ranged from toddlers to grandparents, animal lovers, veterans and schoolteachers and everyone was engaged and entertained. The quality of the program was exceptional in every aspect, particularly in the care that Luis took to answer every question, pose for pictures, sign books and make a personal connection with each and every person at our program — all 150 of them! It was a joy to meet Tuesday and see all of his amazing skills as a service dog; the two best friends are great advocates for such a noble cause.”

— Elizabeth Huysentruyt, Children’s Librarian, Sandusky District Library


“The part I’ll always remember from our ‘Tuesday Tucks Me In’ program came near the end, while Tuesday sat in the chair and Luis stood nearby. Luis smiled at Tuesday and when Tuesday ‘smiled’ back, the audience gasped, then said, ‘Awwwwwwww!’ The love and devotion between Luis and Tuesday was so palpable at that moment and everyone there was thrilled to get that special glimpse of the bond between them.”

— Karen Herc, Children’s Director at Adams Memorial Library, Latrobe, PA


“Following Captain Luis and Tuesday’s presentations, I spoke with administrators and visitors (members of our Home School Association) who commented that our school, Eagle Hill Middle School, had an energy all day that was palpable. There was a vibe of excitement and happiness that I don’t think we have ever had before. Students had been prepared with background information, which seemed to enhance the level of excitement.

Perhaps my favorite comments came from my team of sixth grade students who continued to remark, ‘This is the best Friday ever!’ and ‘This is the best day of school ever!’ This visit is one that no student will ever forget and of course, no adult who witnessed their reactions will ever forget it, either.”

— Carol Borg, 6th Grade Teacher at Eagle Hill Middle School, Manlius, NY


“Capt. Montalván and Tuesday joined North Salisbury School (grades 3, 4, & 5) for a day to enrich the Social Studies Curriculum and add to their previous experience with Veterans. We already have a therapy dog in the school that reads with the students, so they were thrilled to have another Golden Retriever come visit. Luis sat with the kids and held the attention of over 200 kids with his reading and words about life with PTSD and how Tuesday helps him. He genuinely seemed to care about what the students had to say and spent time asking questions about their pets as well as teaching about animals. They were delighted at Tuesday’s tasks and how smart he is.

“The students learned how dogs can help people cope better with disabilities and how Tuesday follows Luis’ routines from morning to bedtime. One student told me she reads her newly purchased copy of Tuesday Tucks Me In every night before bed and especially likes the prayer page. Many of the students and staff said this was the best assembly ever. I am glad we scheduled two assemblies instead of trying to get all 500 students into one time. This allowed for better interaction with the students. Also, it allowed time for a chance to pet Tuesday which they LOVED!”

— Charlotte Hertz, Art Teacher, North Salisbury Elementary School, MD


“It would be an honor to have this amazing pair visit again at any time. Luis is amazing with both children and adults and offers a vision of the possibilities of pairing humans with dogs in mutually beneficial ways. In some ways, it’s as if he’s breaking down a barrier between species and showing a beautiful way toward peace…just so moving!”

— Francine Lucidon, Owner of The Voracious Reader, Larchmont, NY


“We greatly enjoyed hosting Luis and Tuesday for two programs this past year. They were wonderful presenters…gracious, friendly and charming. Luis is passionate about his advocacy work for veterans and service animals and it definitely shows. He was never in a rush and stayed to answer every question and sign every book, well past closing in one case. We would love to have them visit again!”

— Liz Breed, Director of Branch Services and Operations for Kent District Library, Grand Rapids, MI


“Luis came to the San Diego Public Library last December (2014) for two presentations. He spent one evening with adults and then the next morning with children. Each event was very well received. He was able to make such a personal and heartfelt connection with the audience. After each event Luis and Tuesday spent as much time as was needed engaging with the crowd. We received great feedback from our patrons.”

— Matthew Nye, Disability Services Librarian, San Diego Public Library