about2Every morning, Tuesday helps Luis get his shoes on, one at a time. He reminds Luis to take his medicine. He even gets Luis’ cane for him. But here’s the thing about Tuesday: he’s not a person––he’s a service dog!
After Luis came back from war, everything was different and ordinary things scared him. Luckily, he had Tuesday, who stuck by him, helping him every step of the way. Wherever Luis goes, Tuesday is sure to be following right beside… ready to protect his pal. And there is a lot of love to go around because Luis looks after Tuesday, too. He takes Tuesday to the park, wipes his paws, and even brushes his teeth!

 LUIS CARLOS MONTALVÁN is a New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and advocate. Tuesday is his beloved service dog and recipient of the American Kennel Club’s Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence. A 17-year veteran of the U.S. Army, Captain Montalván served multiple tours abroad and his decorations include two Bronze Stars, the Purple Heart, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, and the Combat Action Badge. In 2010, Montalván completed a master of science from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. A vocal advocate, he regularly appears on local, national, and global media. Luis & Tuesday have spoken, in person, to hundreds of thousands of people across North America about disability awareness, trauma and healing. Montalván’s books have been translated into Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Thai, Spanish and Japanese, and published in over 54 countries. Having won several International Latino Book Awards, their first children’s book, Tuesday Tucks Me In, has broken new ground in mental health education. Their forthcoming children’s book, Tuesday Takes Me There, will be released on June 14th. A major motion picture, based on their New York Times bestselling book, Until Tuesday, is presently in production.

Bret Witter has collaborated on seven New York Times bestsellers, including the
#1 bestselling Dewey and The Monuments Men, the basis of the recent George Clooney movie. He met Luis and Tuesday in 2009, when he worked with them on Until Tuesday, and he has been inspired by them ever since. Bret lives in Decatur, Georgia with his wife and two children. Visit him at bretwitter.com
Dan Dion is a San Francisco-based photographer specializing in the performing arts, having photographed thousands of humorists and musicians. Tuesday Tucks Me In is his second book. His first, ¡SATIRISTAS!, co-authored with Paul Provenza, featured interviews and portraits of comedians, and Dan would like to note that Tuesday is better behaved than many of them. Visit Dan at dandion.com